"Egg" cellent Easter Treats

I'm going to be completely honest right now, I completely spaced the Photoshop Post for last Thursday. I had standardized testing for four days last week (super fun right :) and I was a little out of my normal routine. When I was going to sleep on Thursday night I was thinking about all the things I had to do: Practice piano, practice volleyball, make a few things on photoshop, prepare the Thursday post……. wait WHAT! So there's that story.

That also kind of explains my creative juices block as of late. I don't know why it's taken me so long to make these gifts.  I've had everything ready for to make them I just couldn't bring my self to think of a cute way of assembling it. Finally (yesterday) I forced myself to get them done. I told myself "I'm pretty sure my friends won't care if there cute, and there getting candy anyway". So I sat down with some tags, bags, eggs, and easter grass (not to mention cute ribbon and string) and got to work.

I'm actually really excited with the way these turned out. Nothing some bakers twine can't fix, right?  I even made a super cute printable tag to go with it.



  • Wilton Rectangle Gift Bags (You don't HAVE to use this kind, but I think there the perfect size)
  • Green Easter grass 
  • Easter eggs 
  • Candy (to fill the eggs)
  • Ribbon and twine 
  • These tags
  • Hole punch 
  1. First fill all the eggs with candy, and eat whatever is left over (my favorite part ;) 
  2. Open one of the clear bags and fill it with a handful of easter grass. A LOT off it
  3. Drop three candy filled eggs into the  bag, so it's onto of the easter grass
  4. Tie the bag closed with a piece of bakers twine, or whatever you want to use 
  5. Tie a piece of ribbon onto the bag where the twine is (preferably sparkly ribbon :)
  6. Cut out one the tags and punch a hole in the top left corner, thread some more twine thorough it  ( I used hot pink and dark blue)  and tie it onto the bag)

Well that's it! Check out my other great spring projects:

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