Toddler Name Bean Bags + how to print on fabric

So I have this little sister who is super cute and she's almost 3. We've been trying to get her to spell her name (Chloe) and I thought that these cute bean bags would help her learn.

What toddler wouldn't wan't bean bags with their name on it anyway? I used a method of printing on fabric where you iron on freezer paper to the fabric and send it through the printer (it's super easy).

The bean bags are very simple to make it's just two pieces of fabric sewn right sides together, flipped, and filled with rice (so technically their rice bags). The thing that makes these cooler and different than normal bean bags is that I printed on the fabric.

Oh I went there. 

Here's how I made them. 

  • White cotton fabric 
  • Freezer paper
  • Coordinating solid color cotton for the opposite side of the bean bag
  • Rice 
  • Needle, thread, scissors, etc 

  1. Cut a piece of white fabric that is exactly 8.5x11" and iron a piece of freezer paper onto it that is also that size 
  2. Create a document with all the letters you need letters and print it onto the fabric 
  3. Peel the freezer paper off the white paper and cut each letter out so it's around 3.5x 3.5 
  4. Cut out squares on the coordinating fabric that are the same size as your letter pieces. Place letter piece and solid piece right sides together and sew (make sure to leave and opening on one end)
  5. Flip and stuff with rice. 
  6. Whip stitch closed. 

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