Summer Checklist

Although two months may seem like a long time, in reality it's not and summer flies by really quickly. Summer for me is a time when I get tons of projects done and do fun things that I can't during the school year, but if I don't keep track of the things I want to do I won't do them.

I decided to make a checklist this year, it's very similar to this list I made last year, but I like it even more because I can add things as I think of them.

I also added a little box where you can check off the things that you've completed. This will help me get things done especially because I'm OCD and when I don't have all them checked off then it drives me crazy 

In addition to using this checklist, I also decided to do a "This summer I…" series and share what I've checked off my list each Wednesday and provide a tutorial if necessary.

Don't forget to check out these projects:

chips and salsa teacher gift

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