50+ Fun things to do this Summer

Today is my last day of school!!!!!!!!! So it seems appropriate for me to share this post.

Remember when I shared this cute "things to do this summer" checklist? Well I thought I'd help you out and give some ideas of what to put on your checklist.

When I complete any of these things, I will share it in a "This Summer I…" Post each Wednesday.

  1. Make homemade popsicles (check these out) 
  2. Make Homemade Ice cream
  3. Go camping 
  4. Go on a trip 
  5. Sew a skirt 
  6. Tie dye something 
  7. Make home made slurpies 
  8. Make a tarp water slide 
  9. Have a photo shoot just for fun 
  10. Have a movie night 
  11. Have a sparkler photo shoot  
  12. Make monkey bread in a dutch oven 
  13. Go to a waterpark
  14. Decorate flip flops 
  15. Make coasters 
  16. Make something with felt 
  17. Make play dough 
  18. Make bouncy balls 
  19. Bake cookies 
  20. Try something from Pinterest 
  21. Make a funny video 
  22. Take a picture everyday for a week 
  23. Go on a bike ride 
  24. CAR WASH!
  25. Read a book 
  26. Play a board game
  27. Make S'mores 
  28. Go running 
  29. Have a picnic 
  30. Go shopping 
  31. Make cinnamon roll waffles 
  32. Make a music video 
  33. Play cards 
  34. Make a gallery wall 
  35. Go ice blocking 
  36. Go swimming 
  37. Feed some ducks 
  38. Make a garden 
  39. Make something with succulents 
  40. Cook dinner 
  41. Make Utah Scones
  42. Paint something with Chalk finish paint 
  43. Go see a play 
  44. Draw with shaving cream 
  45. Make a cake/cupcakes (check these out) 
  46. Make snow cones 
  47. Have a late night 
  48. Go to the movies 
  49. Take a class 
  50. Make root beer floats 
  51. Movie marathon 
  52. Make something to give to a friend 
  53. Splash pad on the trampoline 
Do you have any other fun ideas?

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  1. Cool!
    Thanks so much for this list, it really helped with my own!

    I love your blog, you are so creative and inspirational!
    Keep up the good work Emma!