Photoshop Tips: Brightening Photos and outlining text

Todays video is a short one. It also goes more into the photo editing aspect of Photoshop rather then the design part. I'm going to be teaching you how to brighten your photos with levels and how to outline your text.

 Today's photoshop post is also going to be one of the last. I might squeeze one in next week, but for the most part, I've taught everything you need to know to start photoshop (feel free to email/comment on there photoshop skills you want to learn). Today I just decided to share a fun mixture of different skills that are easy to do and add a fun look to your design. 

Sounds fun right?!

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  1. Your photoshop series has been very helpful and informative. I'm looking forward to having a little look around at your blog (I came across it from 30 Days)