Photoshop Tips: The Basics

Yes It's Thursday and yes, I'm posting. Why? Read on to see :).

So I've been thinking, and I've decided I'm going to start posting on Thursdays again on addition to Mondays. There are a lot of reasons I'm doing this, I've just felt like there are so many ideas I want to try and posting once a week doesn't give me a huge amount of time and motivation  to make those things. Especially with holiday projects, I feel like I only do a few projects and the holidays over. Primarily on Thursdays I'm going to be posting printables and tips. basically just posts that don't take a huge amount of effort. I've decided to start of my Thursday posts with a new series that teaches you how to use photoshop.

 (yah, just ignore the fact that "own and "digital" are the same word :)

The main reason I'm doing this series is because Photoshop is such a nice thing to know how to do these days. Most people have switched to digital scrapbooking, and most christmas cards are digital now too. 

I've also decided to do this teach this series through videos because I feel like it is easier to grasp and understand that way.   

The Basics:
This first post is going to be the basics, since it makes sense to start there. You will learn how to:
  • Use layers 
  • Use the color tool 
  • Use fonts and create text 
  • Use brushes 
  • Use the zoom tool 
  • Use the eraser 
  • use the fill bucket 
  • create a document

** This is my first tutorial video.** I wouldn't call myself gifted at making these either, so don't laugh :).

Part one:

Part two:

check back next Thursday to learn more tips and tricks

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  1. Thank you! This was very very helpful. I am absolutely clueless with this kind of software, and have been looking for an easy explanation. I can't wait to see the next few posts.