Guest Post: Haylie from Snapshots by Haylie

I love meeting people my age who have the same hobbies and goals that I have. A few weeks ago I got an opportunity to come into contact with someone like this, Haylie from snapshots by Haylie, and I'm excited to be having her guest post today! Let me tell you a little about her:

- she's 14 (like me)
- she's a homeschooled 9th grader
- she loves to sewing and crafting, but most of all she loves photography
- she loves to take pictures of friends and her cousins kids


Hi everyone! Emma was so sweet to let me guest post on her blog! I’m going to share some of my photography tips with you. I don’t do a lot of macro photography, but my favorite is babies, children, mainly people in general. I live in Kansas, which means beautiful sunrises and sunsets, so I do a lot of that too.

When I’m taking photos of children, I don’t like to use flash. I find it too harsh for the soft look that I want. The photos of babies that I’ve taken were done in the home. That means, that you just wander around, trying to find the best natural lighting.

This was right by a window.

When I took Abe’s  photos not too long ago, I looked around and found that the room was the best lit. The sun was glinting off the snow perfectly.
He is naturally a goof ball, so all you had to do was say, “lay on your tummy and fold your hands” and he would do it with a big smile on his face.

 When you take someone’s pictures outside, you don’t want the sun beating down on them! In fact, the some of the best photos come from gloomy days. If it is really harsh, set them in a shadow, it works pretty good!

This is one of my friends, and she wanted me to take her senior pictures. As you can see, she is standing in the shadow of the barn. The sun was extremely harsh that day.
When you are taking photos, don’t just stand in one position. Move around!!! It really helps your photos if they aren’t all taking with you standing in the same position. When you take pictures of little kids, don’t stand so far above them. Get down to their level.
Well, that’s all I got! Thanks!


Thanks Haiylie. Make sure to check out her blog. She also has an etsy shop, so check that out too. 


  1. Those are some great tips! Thanks for sharing Haylie!

  2. Super good input. You have a good eye. Good luck to you in all you do. and thanks!