Budget Post it Notes

So there's this new thing that people are doing and it's REALLY cool and it's called printing on post it notes. When I first saw someone doing it I was completely mind blown and I knew I had to try it myself. I thought to myself whats better to put on post it's then a budget tracker. Each month I get $70 between blogging, allowance, babysitting, etc but I had never really stuck to a solid budget. I used the rule of "well I don't NEED it and it seems like I don't have money for that so I won't buy it" or I just tell myself I'll make it.

Now, I have a solid budget. Each month I spend $25 on clothes, $20 on craft supplies/random stuff, $28 to savings and, $7 to tithing. So I decided on this budget in February and started using it, but I didn't really stick to it. This month I had had enough, I needed to stick to a budget and not spend as much so I can save for my new camera lens :) :) :). 

SO, that's the whole explanation behind this project.

I love the bright colors combined with black ink, it makes me happy. The thing that makes me most happy is that I can easily track my spending without needing to print out a whole page each month.

As I mentioned above, I spend my money in three different categories. Clothes, crafts, miscellaneous, and the rest is savings. I realize not everyone spends in these categories so I also made one that you can pick the category to.

I realize these post it's will not work for everyone. I think they are more geared towards kids who are still living at home and don't have to pay for food, bills, and housing (etc).


  1. Post it's 
  2. Printer 
  3. These files 
  1. Print out this sheet 

     2. Place six post it's on the sheet above inside the boxes. You can use whatever colors your heart 
         desires :)
     3. Put the sheet with the post it's in the printer, but this time just print the ones with text inside the  
     4. Stick together and enjoy! 


  1. I wondered how people had been doing this! I love the idea of budget post it notes for teenagers/kids. What a great idea. I will have to use your tutorial to print on post its sometime! Now I just need to figure out what! :)

  2. Love this idea! Just looked at your photoshop tutorial too - new follower! Visiting from TT&J