SUPER CUTE (and printable) Easter Banner

I'm just loving this whole spring thing! I always love spring, but this year winter seems like it's lasting longer than usual. The bright colors make me so happy and I just want to put them every where. I was thinking about the other spring decor I need, and realized that I don't have a banner! Crazy, right! So I made one.

This banner is deferent from the other banners I've made because this banner is all part of a printable. So you won't need anything besides the pages. I've even included printable string! JUST KIDDING (thought you lost me there didn't you)! You are going to need some string or ribbon or whatever your heart desires.

For my banner I used ribbon and the letters, but I also made another banner for my room without all the ribbons and accessories and it's still super cute!

So let's talk about how to make it.

-print out this sheet. If you want a bigger banner, your going to want to print out more of these sheets. I used two pages of the sheet's for my banner and I really like the length.
- cut out the flags
- punch two holes in the top two corners of the flag with a hole puncher.

- print out this sheet (you need two rectangles for every lolly)
- cut out the rectangles and fold them accordion style.
- hot glue one of the short sides of two of the accordion style rectangles together
- hot glue the other shot edges together so it forms a circle
- press down the circle so the edges on the top come together. put some hot glue in the center of the lolly so it stays pushed down.

- print out this sheet
- punch out the words with a punch
- glue the letters onto the lolly's
-glue the lolly's onto six of the flags

- put the string through the holes of the each of the flags and put a strip of tape on the back so it stays in place (make sure the flags that spell out "easter" are in the center)
- (optional) tie on a piece of ribbon/string/washi tape in between each flag.

-Hang up!

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  1. This is SOOO cute!! I will have to make it!!