Mixed Heart Valentine Banner

Valentines Day is among us!! The holidays always seem to sneak up on me, but I've been planning valentines projects to make for months, and I have some GREAT projects coming!

So, on that note, I FINALLY decided what colors to do for my Valentines decor this year. For me, deciding colors is always a long process that involves me looking all over Pinterest to make sure I get the cutest color scheme. 

As much as I love red and pink for valentines, it's REALLY over used. And (you know me) I have to be unique. This year I decided on (drumroll please)



AND GOLD. (particularly gold in the form of sparkles ;) 

Since that was decided I made this cute banner, I call it the Mixed Heart Banner. I mixed paper hearts and felt hearts to make a unique banner. I love that each of the hearts individually aren't that cute, but together they make some adorable. 

Keep reading to learn how to make all four of these hearts and how to assemble them.

** I used about 8 of the paper and doily hearts and 4 of the felt ones **

Stitched Heart:
-Make a heart template. I made my red hearts a little smaller then my paper hearts, but not as small as the glitter ones. 
- Cut draw your heart from your template onto the felt of your choice and cut them out. Keep in mind that for each stitched heart, you will need to felt pieces. 
- match two hearts up and stitch around the outside. You just need a simple up and down stitch, it just needs to be pretty. 

Glitter Heart:
-Cut out a heart (I used my silhouette) and use the negative as a stencil. 
-Take a sheet of white felt and place the stencil on top of it. Put a coat of modge podge thats blocked off with the stencil and cover the modge podge with glitter. 
- Pull the template off and cut the heart out of the felt. 

Doily Heart:
-Download this shape from the silhouette studio.
-Cut it out on your silhouette 

Paper Heart:
- Download and print these hearts and cut them out. 


-Cut a piece of bakers twine/string/ect that is as long as you need your banner to be.
-Tape the paper hearts onto the string first with packing tape, overlap them slightly. 
- Hot glue the felt hearts on top of the paper hearts every few hearts.

That' s it!! Easy right? 



  1. Very cute! Love the glitter hearts. I have made something like this in the past with fabric and pinking shears.

    1. Thank you!! Thats a good idea to do it with pinking shears!