Weaved Heart Valentine Canvas Art

I have another great Valentines craft for you this week! It's another Decor project. It's simple, fun, and cost efficient.

I call it my "Weaved Heart Canvas Art", and it so easy to make too!

- Painters Tape
- wax paper
- paint
- Vinyl


1. Start by painting your canvas.

2. Cut a heart out a vinyl and use the negative (I used my silhouette and a heart shape I found online, more on that here)

3. Put your painters tape on a piece of wav paper and cut it. I did this because I wanted my tape to be thinner. I just put my tape through the paper cutter and pulled it off, it worked really well. 

4. lay the pieces of tape on the canvas horizontally.

5. paint the inside of the heart.

6. remove the pieces of tape.

7. (not pictured) repeat steps 4 and 5, but lay the pieced if tape in the other direction.


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