"One in a Minion" Valentines

Happy {early} Valentines day everyone! I know this tutorial's late, but I think it will be worth the wait.

I for one absolutely LOVE Despicable Me 2, not to mention the adorable little minions. How can you not love them? So I created a little play on words to incorporate minions into this Valentine season. 

aren't they adorable? Ok, so let's just pretend I don't have you sold on the whole minion valentine idea (let's be honest though, you are all sold) look at the cute little eyes and tag I created……….. it's free …………. and you can get them for yourself. Just scroll to the end of the post. And if your STILL not sold, just let me say: they involve twinkies.

I think I had a little too much fun taking pictures on these :).

  • Twinkies (I used the generic brand because (1) they're cheaper, and (2) the hostess brand ones don't have clear wrapping) 
  • minion eyes (get yours here)
  • one in a minion tag (get yours here)
  • twine/ string 
  • glue dots (really anything sticky) 
  • hole puncher
  1. cut out the glasses and tags.
  2. place a glue dot on each side of one of the glasses and place it near the top of the Twinkie. 
  3. use a hole puncher to punch out a whole in the tag
  4. slide a piece of string through the hole in the tag and tie it onto the Twinkie. 


  1. so cute! thank you for the downloads!!

  2. I love these Emma. I have only seen the first movie, and I still think they're cute enough I've been trying to figure out who I know that would be fun to give them to!

  3. Oh my! I'm in love with these!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Which off brand did you buy, if you don't mind me asking? My 3 yr old is obsessed with despicable me and we will be making these tomorrow! :) so cute!

    1. I just got the generic brand at Walmart. Enjoy!