Reversible Camera Strap

Remember how last week I told you about my new beautiful new camera? It's beautiful.Well my camera came with something very ugly attached to it. A big, black, huge, uncomfortable, ugly camera strap. I knew I had to do something about it because I like things to be pretty, not ugly :). 

** This isn't my new camera, this is my dads old film SLR** 

I looked all over the web in search of some camera strap I could could make so all the parts of my camera could be beautiful. There was one problem: all the straps involved some random thing I didn't have. Who buys random things that they don't have? Not me, and they all looked like expensive random parts. 

Then I thought of an ingenious idea. why not recover the strap I ALREADY HAVE?!?!? 
So that's exactly what I did.  And the wonderful thing is, not only is it cute, it's SUPER comfy and padded. 

It's A super easy project. Anyone can do it if you can pin and sew a straight line.

Want to Make one?

All you need is two coordinating fabrics, quilting batting, a camera strap, and all your basic sewing supplies. 

The first thing your going to do is to measure your camera strap to determine what size your pieces of fabric are going to be. Mine Measured 1 1/4 by 23. I added another inch for the seam allowance and just to add some breathing room.

After you've determined what the total size of your fabric will be (from the last step), cut them out. So the total length and width of my fabric was 2 1/2 by 24 1/2. Cut one strip of fabric 1, fabric 2 and one strip of batting.

Put your strips in this order: fabric 1, fabric 2 (right sides together), and batting, pin.

Put the strips into your swing mating and sew down the two longest sides so your strips of fabric will form a tube. 

Once you've completed the sewing, flip your tube inside out and iron.

slide the tube onto your camera strap. It might not seem like it's going to go on, but just keep trying!! TIP: if your fabric keeps shifting on the strap iron on the highest setting of your iron.

Fold the two open ends of the tube down into the strap about half and inch and sew on top of it. 

That's it, just attach the strap to the camera and bask in it's comfortable and beautifulness.


  1. I think that this adorable! I totally want to do this to my camera strap . . . I wonder if my husband will mind having a "cute" camera strap on HIS camera when he takes it out for a photo shoot?!?

  2. This is a very cute strap! I just have little point and shoot cameras, but if I ever get a fancy one with a neck strap, I will definitely be making it cuter! I like the colors you used. I also live by the, "if I don't have it, I'm not going to buy it," mentality that you do on most projects.