General Conference Notebooks

Hey everyone! So normally I would be posting another part of the photoshop series, but today I'm sharing a post for general conference, so my normal schedule will be back next week. So I know a lot of my viewers are LDS, but for those of you who aren't your probably don't know what I'm talking about. General conference is a time where twice a year we get to listen for the leaders of out church for 8 hours over two days. It's an awesome experience, but sometimes towards the end it gets tiring. I'm not that person who loves having 16 hour movie marathons, so by the end I'm ready to get outside and get away from the television.

Here's the design for this year.

And here's last years. 

Here's a picture of the tabs and the notes pages.

Last October, I decided to try making a general conference journal to help keep me motivated. However I never got to share the idea last year. I really loved using it and filling in all the sections, so much that I decided to make another one.

I made one design for last year, and one for this year. Since I didn't share these last year, I'm going to share both colors and you can just choose which one you like better.

Assembling them is really simple:


  1. notebooks. I got mine at dollar tree, they looked similar to these but without the lines. 
  2. washi tape.
  3. these files
  4. laminator (optional)
  5. rubber cement and double sided tape
  1. Take off the cover of your notepad. Black binding tape and all, so you'll just have a bunch of white sheets stuck together
  2. cut out your cover sheet and put tape on the back of it. Stick the sheet onto the first blank white page in the pad. 
  3. On the top of the notepad, put two pieces of washi tape so that you cover up all the ugly ripped stuff on top. If your washi tape isn't very sticky, you may have to put a line of rubber cement to keep in place. 
  4. flip your journal open to the next page. Tape one of the journal pages onto the page. do this to every other page. 
  5. Now cut out all the tabs on the tabs page. Laminate them. Put a line of rubber cement on the picture part of the tab. Put it onto the page before the journal pages  so that the name  is sticking out. 
  6. ENJOY and take notes!

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  1. Very cute idea! I usually just jot a few things in my journal (well before I had a toddler to manage while watching;), but this is a very cute way to keep it all together!