Spring Subway Art Sign

I think spring is here to stay, especially since we've been having 90 degree weather where I live. I love spring it's a time of change and news beginnings, and everything is so beautiful, alive, and in bloom (well my allergies don't love that so much :). I've been itching to make something spring inspired and this happy sign filled that itch.

I have had this piece of plywood in my room for months, begging to be used. this was definitely the project for that wood, I especially love the look of the bare wood with the colorful words across it. it's kind of hard to read the words in the picture, so here's the file.

I wasn't sure if I would like the turn out, but I have to say, I love it. 


- piece of plywood 8.5x11" 
- acrylic paint 
- stencil 
- transfer tape
- vinyl
- inking sponge


  1. cut out this file on vinyl on your silhouette. (more on that here)
  2. peel off the letters of the vinyl so it creates a stencil 
  3. lay transfer tape on the vinyl stencil and transfer the stencil onto your piece of plywood 
  4. take the transfer tape off the stencil but leave the stencil on the wood 
  5. Apply paint to the holes in the vinyl where the letters were 
  6. take off the stencil and let the sign dry 
  7. take and inking sponge and put some of the acrylic paint on it. then rub it on the edges of the sign

check out these signs:


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  1. Looks good, E! Definitely brightens up that piece of boring plywood (: