How To Turn a Long Sleeve Shirt into a Short Sleeve One

Summer is upon us and that means all the cute long sleeve shirts go on sale. However there is one problem (1) it's summer and time for short sleeves (2) I live in Arizona so even in the winter I wear short sleeves. So long sleeves aren't working for me.

So what do you do when you see a super cute long sleeve shirt and you buy it because its on sale.

 Do you put said shirt in the bottom of your project bin, no. Do you wear it even with the sleeves because its cute, no. What do you do you chop the sleeves off!

This is SUCH an easy project to do.


  • Long sleeve shirt 
  • Short sleeve shirt to use as a pattern 
  • Ruler and pen 
  • Pins, scissors, sewing machine
  • (optional) clear thread 
  • First your going to lay out your long sleeve shirt and put your short sleeve one on top of it. Make sure the seams for the sleeves line up. Mark where the sleeves on your short sleeve shirt end on your long sleeve shirt in pen. With your ruler measure about .5 of an inch from the first line and draw another line. 

  • Cut on the last line. 

  • There should only be one drawn line left now. Flip your shirt inside out and fold up the sleeve on your one remaining line. pin into place.

  • Sew a zig zag line to hem the sleeve. I used clear thread because I didn't have thread that was exactly the same color as my shirt. 

  • Trim off all the excess fabric that sticks out of your shirt. 

And your done, just in time for Summer!

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  1. I love clear thread too! I just started using it when I knew colors would be hard to match. I have found that it's a little itchy on the ends that are cut though. Mine is like fishing wire kind of, what kind do you use?

    1. I use the same kind (from how your describing it). I usually just cut the ends REALLY short and it hasn't been bothering me. It's awesome though!