Boys Stenciled Flag Tee

Ok so here's the second 4th of July tee shirt I promised you.........
I know, also a little late, but you can make them for next year :).
Before I made these shirts I was afraid that they would be too girly for my my brothers and dad, but they love them! 

They are very easy to make (easier then the ric rac ones from yesterday) and only require 4 hours to dry!


-tulip fabric spray paint 
-shirt (ours are from Old Navy)
-cutting board/ cardboard

-Cut this shape and this shape out on your silhouette on vinyl (need help transfering internet images to    silhouette studio? go here)
-Remove the positive part so the shapes become a stencil
-Put transfer tape on the flag shape and transfer it onto the shirt 
-Rub it on to the shirt REALLY well 
-Take of the transfer tape 
-Put a cutting board or a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through
-Take it outside and spray it with red fabric spray paint until it creates the desired effect let it dry for about a 1/2 hour until you take the stencil off 
-Put transfer tape on the square stencil and rub it onto the shirt
-Spray blue spray fabric paint onto the blue stencil until it looks like you want it too
  spray some blue paint all over the rest of the shirt so it splatters 

Happy belated Forth of July everyone!

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