How to Make a Trampoline "Slip 'n' Slide"

made a trampoline "slip 'n' slide"

Have you guys ever had one of those days where your at home, everyones bored, and you don't know what to do? My family does, all the time. We had one of those days a few weeks ago, so we decided to do something from my summer to do list.

** P.S., I took all these pictures with my new zoom lens, love it!!**

Doesn't it look like so much fun?!?! In fact my brother said to me, "Emma, this is like the funnest thing we've done all summer!" So I looked at him and said "Yes, I know thats because I came up with it." Totally kidding :) it was super fun though. 

I mean, it's not some amazing piece of art that we made, it's simply a trampoline with soap and a sprinkler under it. Yet it was so much fun and we spent a couple hours out there. 

I mean even I had a ton of fun, a lot more fun then I've had in a long time. Now that I'm a teenager I've decided that growing up is lame, oh what I would give to do these kind of things every day. 

  1. trampoline 
  2. sprinkler 
  3. soap 
  4. ice cubes, shaving cream, etc the more stuff the funner
  5. hose/water source 
  6. bucket
  • Wet your trampoline down with water from your hose just to cool down the trampoline, you'd be surprised how hot it gets. 
  • Hook your sprinkler up to your hose and set it underneath the trampoline on top of a bucket 
  • Spread LOTS of soap around the whole trampoline and rub it in so it get sudsy. 
  • Add on ice, and other fun things 
  • HAVE FUN!!

  • Buy a super cheap sprinkler. I got a sprinkler at Walmart a few days ago that looked pretty much identical to this except it was $3. 
  • Use Dish soap and LOTS of it 
  • Make sure to supervise your kids, the trampoline gets very slippery and I would hate for someone to get hurt doing this. 
  • Don't Touch The Ice!!: In this game put ice cubes on the trampoline. Have everyone jump at the same time and try not to touch the ice. If you touch it your out!
  • Slide Tag: This game is just like your average game of tag EXCEPT everyone must have at least  three of their appendages touching the trampoline at all times. This adds a fun unusual twist to the game and is also safer than playing tag the normal way.
  • Slip War: Take turns seeing which person can do the most epic "slip" in the soap, it's sounds boring but my siblings got a kick out of it. 
That's pretty much it, feel free to comment if you have any other tips, tricks, or games that aren't already  up there.

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