Super Easy and Quick FHE Lesson

In my family, we decided to start follow the come follow me curriculum for our FHE lessons. We also been trying to prepare our lessons more. Well today I am on lesson, so I went to LDS.org and chose the  lesson outline on patience. I found a really good talk on patience by President Uchtdorf titled Continue In Patience.

There is a really great story in there I thought my younger siblings would enjoy, he also shared a definition of patience. 

I decided to base the handouts off of that definition of patience President Uchtdorf shared.  I really thought it summed up the whole lesson. I also put pictures of things we have to be patient for to help my siblings remember what patience is. There is a girl version and a boy version. I didn't think my brothers would appreciate a pink and blue handout. 

girl version:

boy version:


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