Summer Punch Card

This summer me and my family are going to Washington D.C. and Boston! I'm SO excited. While we're there we will be visiting a lot  of museums, but getting a souvenir at each place isn't realistic. My mom decided to give all of us kids a chance to earn money for souvenirs by reading, doing physical activity, doing math and other things like that.

I decided to design these cute punch cards. Each time the child does one of the activities they get to punch out one of the circles. When they punch out all the circles they will get a prize. You can reward them with money, but you can also do something like a prize or an activity as the reward.

There is a place to put the name of the child, the different activities and how many holes to punch for each activity (some activities mat take more work then others), and there is a place to write what the reward is when the card is completed. It is a very simple idea and is very customizable to what you want to do. 

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  1. I love this idea! Have fun in Washington D.C. That's somewhere I've always wanted to get to, and haven't yet! I love this punch card idea. You could do it for young kids for just a job chart, a "be good at church," chart, etc. I will have to remember this and use it as my son grows. I'm even considering doing one for my personal exercise program.

  2. Thank you! This is perfect for my family with kids from age 2 to 19! Just what I thought I wanted, put couldn't put my finger on it! Thank you for sharing your solution -- and I hope you enjoy your vacation.