Snowball Necklaces

I few months ago I bought some bead caps and marbles for making necklaces for halloween and [typical me] NEVER got around to making it. So the supplies have been sitting in my closet ever since. I decided I really wanted to make something with my forgotten necklace supplies. I thought a lot about what I could make…… and then the perfect idea dawned on me:

Snowball Necklaces!!!

They turned out really cute, and there not to hard to make either. 

So these are basically a marble painted white, coated with white sparkles, and topped with a bead cap. I also added a fun little tag onto the string that says "Let it Snow",  just to make it a little more fun. 

And how cute would these be for a Christmas gift, or a craft night? The possibilities are endless, so grab your supplies and start creating!!

You will need:
-marbles (any color will work)
-white paint ( for covering the marbles, if you have white marbles you can skip this)
-modge podge 
-iridescent glitter
-foam brush
-bead cap 
-eye pins 
-jump ring
- twine 
-let it snow tag (here)

1. (skip this step if your marbles are already white) Pour your white paint into a disposable cup and roll your marble around in it until it's fully coated. 
2. In another disposable cup mix your modge podge and glitter.  Coat the marbles with this after they dry. 
3. Once the modge podge has dried, you're going to make your bead cap. Take one bead cap and one eye pin. and put the loop that's already in the eye pin through the top of the bead cap.
4. Now flip the bead cap over and trim about half of the remaining wire. Take the remaining wire and fold it or loop it so the eye pin states in the bead cap.

5. Glue the bead cap onto the top of the marble with some E6000 glue and allow it to dry.
6. Once it's dry attach a jump ring to the loop in the eye pin. also attach a jump ring to your let it snow tag  (found here). For the tag I just printed a whole sheet of them out on card stock so it will hold up more and not rip off.
7. Slide the marble and tag onto a strand of twine and tie it off with a bow.
8. ENJOY!!!


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