Faux Bead Board Photography Backdrop

Hello Everyone!! A few weeks ago, you might have noticed that I started using a different backdrop for my pictures. I was kind of getting tired of the same white background on all of my tutorial pictures. Don't get me wrong, for some pictures a white background is great, but on some it needs something more, like a change of texture.

All around blog land I've been seeing really cute bead-board and wood backdrops. I decided I needed one too, but then I looked at the prices. OUCH!! I could NOT afford that. I decided to look around Home Depot to see if they had any small bead-board samples, but no. 

I ended up in Michael's one day. I was walking by the foam boards and then it hit me!! I realized the "finish" of the foam boards looked the same as that on bead-board. So, I bought two boards and took them home with me.

It worked perfectly!

It looks EXACTLY like bead bored!! I'm so happy with the result. Plus it only cost $2!!

It's actually really easy. As long as you can draw a straight line, you can do this easily!

All you have to do is get a yard stick, pencil, foam bored, fork. Then you're going to draw a straight line an inch from the end of the bored. From there you're going to draw another line a half inch from the end of the last line, and so on. once you've drawn all your lines, press them down with the back of a fork. This way, it will have some texture. That's it, just erase all your pencil lines.

That's basically how I created the faux bead-board look. Hope it works!!


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