DIY {reversible} Mustache Pillow

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I've been on a mustache kick lately. Not real mustaches, the cute cartoon ones. Check out this post if you like mustaches too. Today I bring to you, another mustache craft:

The mustache pillow.

It took me a while to finish the wholre project. Not because it's hard. Because I messed it up and it took a while before I was willing to try again. And I finished it just in time for my birthday. (I'm going to be 14!!!!!). I don't think there's a better present than accomplishing something you've been putting off (except a new sewing machine *wink *wink). 

I even included a FREE pattern (I'm so nice ;)).

I made it for  my little nook.  It looks so cute (stay tuned for another pillow tutorial)

This is the front

And this is the back.

So if you want to make one, here's the tutorial.

-pattern (from here )
-fabric (two different coordinating ones)
-needle and thread
-fabric scissors

1) Print out the pattern. You will need to print the pattern out twice, cut it out, and then tape the two pieces together.

2) Pin the mustache pattern onto your fabric and cut. Make sure to add a seam allowance. Do this once on both of the fabrics.

3) Pin the two cut out pieces of fabric right sides together and sew a 1/2" seam around the edge.       Remember to leave an opening at the end so you can flip it.

4) Flip your fabric. push out all the corners and curves. This might take a while, but don't give up!!

5) Stuff your pillow with stuffing. Then use your needle and thread to close the hole. That's it, pretty simple, right?


happy crafting....

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  1. Those are super cute, Emma!! I can't believe you are going to be 14!!! Your going to be getting to get your Learner's Permit for driving in one year!!!! That's crazy......anyways, love the mustache pillow!! <3