"My Stache" Jar with vinyl (without using transfer tape)

I have a NEW obsession. 

I know what your thinking, yes ANOTHER obsession.

This time it's vinyl. The other day at pick your plum they were having a great deal on vinyl sheets. Lets just say I ordered a lot. What can I say, they were in such yummy colors.  They haven't come yet, but I had some black vinyl on hand and wanted to get into the MOOD for when my other vinyl comes. 

I also happen to be obsessed with mustaches. And I also happen to need a cute jar to keep my saving money in. So I combined all of those "I also happens" and obsessions into one, and it came out


 They are super fun and I made them using my silhouette!!. It was actually the first time I've cut vinyl on there. It was pretty east though. 

I decided to put this picture in, because it makes me laugh. Whenever I take pictures for my blog on Sundays, Chlo loves to come outside and watch me and sometimes help me. She's so funny. 

Anyway, Do you want to make a jar for yourself? There easy, cute, and did I mention cheap?

-jar (found mine at dollar tree :)
-painters tape 

-cut out design (mine is here, if you want it)
-put on painters tape like you would transfer tape (yay, no transfer tape)
-transfer it 
-rub onto jar
-pull tape off 

still need help with transferring vinyl? Go here

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