Personalized Water Bottle With Vinyl

I have a small obsession with water bottles. I love collecting them and I have like 7. 
I decided I wanted to try making a personalized water bottle using vinyl. I mean, whats better than having a unique water bottle that only you have. It turned out super cute and it's perfect for beating the heat here in Tucson.

I also love that you can put the water bottles through the dish washer without the vinyl peeling off.
These are so simple! You only need vinyl, a electronic cutter machine, water bottle, and painters tape. 

Once you have all of your supples, cut out the design you want onto vinyl using your cutting machine. Most of the water bottles I saw on Etsy were a name with polkadots, but you can also add a picture or quote (ect.)  Then just use painters tape to transfer the design onto the water bottle. More about transferring with painter tape here 

thats it for today, enjoy your new water bottle.


  1. Awesomeness!!! That's a great idea on how you can personalize waterbottles!

  2. That is very cute! I love how it turned out!