Magnetic bookmarks

I. like. bookmarks.

Well I guess that makes sense since I love to read, reading= love of bookmarks. Well anyway, I'm always looking for cheap bookmarks (like I need more). And I had a bunch of magnet stuff left over from this post. So I made these:

I got the inspiration for these from a memory in 3rd grade. we were reading a book as a class and my teacher had a bookmark like this, it wasn't cute but I thought I could make it cute.

-magnetic vent sheet
-washi tape
-x- acto knife
-sand paper

-decide the length and width of the bookmark (you will be folding the magnet in 1/2, so double the length)
-cut the magnet out of the vent sheet 
-fold the magnet in 1/2
-cut along the crease with an x-acto knife, only cut the paper NOT the magnet
-OPTIONAL: sand the top folded part to make more even
-cover with washi tape
-OPTIONAL: Cut out shapes 

These are so fun to make. I'm currently making one for my school planner with PRINTED washi tape. If you want more bookmarks, check here

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  1. That's a great idea! Sounds pretty inexpensive too. Thanks for sharing! (I found you on Be Different...Act Normal)