DIY Chapstick Labels

This summer I 'm teaching a craft camp for some girls I know. I've been hunting around for some easy crafts that girls 8-12 years old can handle. I tried out these fun customized chapsticks and...... It passed the test. So if you are a beginner crafter, this is a craft for you! 

They are really fun to make and wear. They would be so fun as little favors for a party, wedding, of a thank you. Oh, I can just imagine the possibilities! 

Want to make some?

-chapsticks (I used Chap Ice but any brand should work)
-packing tape
-labels (get mine here)

-remove the label on the Chapstick 
-cut the label out
-cut a piece of packing tape a little longer than the top and bottom of the label 
-wrap it around the Chapstick  


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