Bunny Bait Treat

Remember this post when I said I would be featuring the bunny bait tags later in the week. Well it's not later in the week, but it's better then nothing. So today I'm going to show you how to make a cute little treat to go with your tags.
 In case you missed the tag, you can find the link for it here

The tag on the bag (hey I'm a poet, and I didn't know it :)

MMMMMMMMMM....... doesn't it look delicious.

Do you want to make your own?
-2 cups pretzel sticks
-2 cups rice Chex
-1 batch of white popcorn (yellow will work fine)
-white candy melts
-sprinkles (optional)

-spread pretzel sticks, chex and popcorn on a baking sheet lined with tinfoil
-poor candy melts over mixture, stir to coat
-sprinkle on the sprinkles DO NOT MIX AFTER AFTER SPRINKLES
-put in the fridge
-sprinkle on M&M's 
-package and enjoy


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