Loopy Flower (tutorial)

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with hair accessories. I know, but there just so fun to make. This hair clip that I'm going to share is really easy and probably takes about 15 minutes. They are perfect for little girls and older girls (like me:). They are also very forgiving flowers, so it's almost impossible to mess them up.

-3"x12" piece of felt
-hot glue and gun
-sewing machine
-pins (optional)
-clip (optional)

-fold your piece of felt in 1/2 (hot dog style) and pin it. But if your a "non" pinner, you can just fold it and sew it together.
-sew the ends together
-cut 1/4 snips all the way down
-roll it up like your making a cinnamon roll (make sure to glue so it doesn't unravel).
 add a little circle of felt to hide the ugly mess of glue in the bottom
-add a clip or pin or something
-LOVE it



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