v- day

I have been working on V-day decorations ( since it's one of favorite holidays) so far I came up with two, I'm so proud of myself this idea came out of my own melon!!! Here they are: 

1. foam chocolate balls :
 how cute are these? I KNOW!!! Here's how to make them:

1. ( sorry about the blurry pic) get a small plastic cup ( I used a 6oz cup) and cut the top off so it's only about 1"- 1 1\2" and pour a light brown chocolate colored paint into the cup.

 2. get a clean paper plate or paper towel and three small foam balls ( I got mine at dollar tree, a buck for all of them!) and cut of the bottom so they lay flat.  

 3. flip over the foam ball and stick a tooth pick in.

 4. holding the tooth pick carefully dip the round part of the ball in the cup with the paint.

 5. now were getting to the messy part, so make sure your wearing clothes that can get dirty. with your fingers carefully take the chocolate off of the tooth pick and lay it on the paper plate. repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the balls.

6. when your chocolates drys (mine took 24 hours) squeeze hot pink paint onto the chocolates . 

7. let them dry and carefully place them in mini cupcake liners. TA- DA!!!!


  1. Those are cute decorations! I better get to work.

  2. Cute,Cute,Cute!!! I am not surprised this is your own original idea. You are so creative!