heart balls...

WOW!!! This morning I was thinking about my blog and thought hmm.. maybe I'll do one v- day post a week. Then what do you know my mom is telling me that valentines day is like two weeks away. So I'm doing one post everyday.

day 2: Heart balls,
 here they are my beautiful balls. Sorry, I forgot to take pics :).
Take a foam ball ( any size) and punch out a lot of hearts and fold them in half. hot glue them all over the ball and stick a lollipop stick in the bottom and your done. I know easy!!!  I did two , I decided the valentines colors for my room this year are pink and brown. 



  1. Another project that I love! I also love your braces!! They look great!

  2. Your braces are SUPER cute Emma! I just can't wait till I get braces

  3. You look really good in braces Emma. I LOVE the Valentine's colors! Oh, and just so you know, the pink rose paper background that is on your blog were some papers I created. The ladies over at Cutest Blog on the Block asked me if they could use some of my things to make their backgrounds and I said they could. That's so fun!