Do you live in AZ like me? well now you can have your own white Christmas right inside your house.
you want to know how to make these:

1. fold the paper into a triangle and cut off the bottom.

2. now it's a triangle, don't open it up, keep it folded

 3.from each side measure 5 1/2" and make a mark, do the same on the other side 

 4. now from the mark make two strait lines to the top

 5. now your going to make a mark every inch and a half ( there will be three marks on each side)

6. now make lines from the inch and a half so it's parallel to the top, do it on both sides

7.cut on the lines to the center on both sides

8. open the triangle. take the two smallest triangles and tape them together 

9. then flip it and do the other one then flip it again and again until your finished
10. repeat the steps above 5 times

11. take all the papers so that the smallest circle is on top staple the middle and the sides so that the papers are together. 


  1. I've never seen a snowflake made like that before. It is beautiful!- Aunt Jenny

  2. Hi Emma,

    I always love your blog!!