Mini 4th of July Hats

So, I wasn't actually going to post today :) since I'm guessing I'm in D.C. right now, but I made this cute little hat to take with me on our trip ( since we'll be staying over the Fourth of July) but it was just to cute I couldn't justify NOT sharing it.

But this will probably be the only post this week. BUT, maybe I'll decide to write another post intend of packing :). 

The hat is made entirely of felt (well you can add some tulle or something too if you want), and you even get to paint on felt (oh…. I went there :). Plus it's super easy, it involves a sewing machine, but you only have to sew a straight line. 

  • Sheets of felt (I would recommend buying 2-3 different colors). You can buy sheets of felt for around 50 cents at Michael's or any kind of store like that. 
  • freezer paper
  • paint 
  • paint brush 
  • needle and thread 
  • stuffing
  • tulle and other accessories to add extra cuteness
  • headband/hair clip  
  • With an electronic cutting machine cut out your design on freezer paper. Do you want to do a chevron design too (I like the way you think :) you can download the one I made here. Do you need help cutting designs out on your silhouette? Go here
  • Once you've cut out the design on freezer paper, take the negative part of it off (basically the insides of your freezer paper. 
  • Iron the freezer paper onto your felt. Simply lay the shiny side of the freezer paper down on the fabric and iron. 

  • Paint inside your stencil. I decided to switch colors and do a red, blue, red, blue pattern. 
  • Cut out the piece of felt to the right size. Mine is 3"x****FGXHFG". 
  • Fold your piece of felt right sides together hamburger style (lets go back to preschool, shall we?). Sew a straight line down the shorter sides of the felt and flip the felt right side out. Your felts should now form a tube. 

  • Cut out another piece of felt that is as wide as one of the open sides on your tube. With your needle and thread sew it onto one of the open sides off the tube with a simple whip stitch. 

  • Now the tube should have only one open end. Put stuffing into the open end until it's full 
  • Cut out two more pieces of a DIFFERENT color of felt. Make the pieces a couple inches wider than the top/tube of your hat. Sew one of the pieces directly onto the hat with a needle and thread. 
  • Take the other piece of the same size, and sew it onto the bottom of the piece you just sewed to the bottom of the top of the hat 
  • Add tulle and other accesories to the hat. 
  • Attach the hat to a clip or headband. 

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