Chalkboard Mug Christmas Present

Happy {almost} Christmas everyone!! I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am. Today I wanted to share this cheap little gift I made for some of my friends who I exchange gifts with every year. I think it cost me $4 bucks for each gift. Pretty great right? Ok I'll stop blabbing and show you some pictures of what it looks like.

Yep, they're CHALKBOARD mugs. I seem to be having a christmas chalkboard addiction. So here's the story: A few months ago in Pinterest land (that's an addiction for another time ;)) I found some super cute chalkboard mugs. I thought they were the cutest things. So I decided to try them out, well the tutorial I found on Pinterest used porcelain chalkboard paint, which is pretty pricy. I decided to try the mugs with normal paint and they seem to be doing quite well after use. the only thing you need to remember is NOT TO PUT THEM IN THE DISH WASHER. 


They are actually very simple to make. 

- mug ( I found mine at the 99 cents store)
- primer
- chalkboard paint (I used Martha Stuart brand)
-painters tape

1) tape about 3/4 of the way from the bottom of your mug.
2) Paint the bottom part of your mug with primer (This helps the paint stick and makes it easier to write on) and allow it to try.
3) Keep the tape from priming on and paint two coats of chalkboard paint on the primed surface. 
4) let your mug dry for 24 hours. Once its dry dust the surface with chalk. 
5) If you're giving these as gifts, add a bag of hot cocoa to the bottom of the bag and make these to stick in the top. Then wrap it in cellophane and tie the top with one of these tags and a piece of chalk. That's it!!


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  1. Your mug is super cool!! Love the dipped effect:) Pinned