Mini Ombre Cake

Have you guys noticed the trend in ombre rosette cakes lately? Those babies are super cute, and easy too. All you need to know to make one is how to make a cake and make a simple frosting rosette. 

I've been into cake decorating lately. YES, weird I know, when I'm not eating sweets. It's kind of complicated. I don't really like EATING cake, but I love to make pretty cakes. Yep, the ones you don't want to eat because they're too beautiful. 

For my church, we have a youth group that has activities every Wednesday night. I am in the beehive presidency, so I help plan all the activities and such. While we were having a planning meeting I offered to teach the girls how to cake decorate. It really is a good skill to have. 

I decided I would teach them how to make mini rosette covered cakes. Why? For one, rosettes are easy, and two, mini cakes are quick to decorate. 

They are simple to make (obviously) and perfect for beginners. So if you've been wanting to attempt cake decorating, this tutorial is for you. 

First what you need to do is get an empty 3 inch can (mine was full of spaghetti sauce ) and spray the inside with baking Pam. Next you're going to make a cake mix. You can use store bought or homemade, either works. Once you've mixed up the cake batter, pour it into the can so it is about half full. Then put it into the oven @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes or untill a toothpick comes out clean. 

Once the cake cools, cut off the dome on the top and cut the rest of the cake in half and put it on a mini cake plate (a cd covered in tinfoil ;). 

Then mix up or buy some frosting. Put it in three separate bowls. Put a different color of food coloring or gel in each bowl and mix it until the color looks how you want it to. Then you're going to get an icing bag and put tip #32 on it. Fill the bag with the lightest color icing. 

Spread the first layer of the cake with frosting.  Then put the second layer on top.

 Starting with the very top of the cake, make rosettes ( it's basically the same technique you use when you frost a cupcake). You want to keep the frosting tip slightly above the cake and press the icing bag with gentle pressure while you move it in a small circular motion.  Once you've come all the way around, stop pressing and lift the icing tip. Once you're finished with the top, make 1/3 of the top side of the cake yellow rosettes. continue doing this until you're done with all the three colors. 

That's it, enjoy you're mini cake.