Blog Planner (Part One): Projects Calader

Join me every monday the next few weeks for tips on growing your blog and a free printable bog planner.
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So, lately I've been working on growing my blog. My dream is to have a well-known craft blog, and well, those things don't happen over night. I've been doing a lot of research on how to get more traffic on your blog and such. One of the websites said to use a blog calendar to plan your projects, so your readers can expect when your going to be posting (I'm going to post on Mondays and Thursdays).

I know there's a lot of cute blog planners out there that are free and wonderful, but what's better than a personalized planner that you made by your self? I don't know, that seems pretty good to me.

I just made it a four day calendar, since those are the only days I post on. 

Want one to? You can print it out here. You can also laminate it so its reusable. Just write in the month and get to work! 

There's more pages to come

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