DIY travel Pillows

School is coming to a close and you can feel the summer magic in the air. In order to make this summer one to remember I'm going to be sharing projects related to summer. SUMMER HERE WE COME!!!!
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Edited to Add: I just tried these out on my trip and they are amazing. The seat belt doesn't cut into your shoulder when you where them and it makes sleeping in the car easier. 

As I mentioned before, Summer is almost here. I'm so excited! . One of the things I 'm going to be doing this summer is driving 14 hours to Utah with my 18 month old, 6 year old, 9 year old, and 11 year old siblings. Not the highlight of my summer, but my goal this year is to make this drive FUN and enjoyable. One of the things I decided would help are these seatbelt travel pillows.

They are different then normal pillows because they velcro onto the seatbelt. They are more of a time consuming project, but really enjoyed making them.


    If you get stuck while your making these just refer to the picture. The pictures are arranged in step order. 

-cotton fabric (one 26"x6" rectangles and 12 2.5"x3" rectangles)
-fleece fabric (one 26"x6" rectangle)
-6 strips of velcro (you can choose how long, but I think mine were about 1.7")
- 3 3.5" strip of elastic
-sewing machine
-pins (optional)

-sew all of the 2.5x3 rectangles right sides together and leave an opening
-flip them inside out
-stick one of the elastic strips in the openings of two sewn together strips and pin it
-sew around them
-sew on velcro to each tab
-sew the tabs onto the big fleece fabric square
-sew the two big rectangles right sides together (leave and opening)
-stuff it with stuffing and whip stitch it close


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  1. Emma, these are SO cute!!! I love all your crafts! They will give me something to do this summer!! (: How are you, I haven't talked to you in forever!! Keep up the awesome crafts!