Tooth Fairy Pouch

My little sister has Started loosing the past few months. I remember when I first lost my tooth. I really loved the special bag that I had to put it in, it made it extra magical. So I decided to make her one. I used the basic tutorial from here. I didn't follow it step by step because I wanted to try and cut it out with my silhouette. So here it is:

It turned out pretty cute.

-covered button
-heat and bond ultra
-fabric scraps
-elastic cording

-iron the Heat and bond to your felt (more about that here)
-cut out a shape on your silhouette (to cut felt I put my blade on the highest setting and the slowest I also double cut it)
-sew button on to the middle of the front tooth
-sew elastic cording onto the back tooth
-sew strap
-pin everything together and sew

*Again, click on the link to get a BETTER tutorial, I just wanted to show how you can do it on your silhouette.*



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