Rubber Band Bracelets (2 ways)

I hope everyone had a good holiday season! I had a great one (thanks for asking ;) I got a Canon Rebel t3 and it's AMAZING. So now I can take good pictures for the blog!

have you guys seen those cute rubber band bracelets you make on a rainbow loom? I've been eyeing them for awhile, and I got my own loom for christmas. Let me just say: making these is addicting!! So far I've tried out two different patterns. One is the single loop bracelet (the ones you typically see) and the other is the fishtail bracelet. 

Since the single loop bracelet is the easier of the two, I'll teach you that one first.

1. So for this bracelet you can do as many colors as you want. Once you choose what colors you want to use, pick out around 20 total bands. 
2. Get you rainbow loom out and turn it so the arrows on the loom are pointing away from you. 
3. (Pictured below) So for easiness sake, let's just say you use two colors. And let's say you call the first color, color A, and the second color, color B. Now you're going to take one band that is color A and you are going to slide it onto the first peg (see pic for help) and then pull the band over to the peg diagonal to it and slide it on that peg. Make sense??
4. (Pictured below) Now you're going to take one of your B colored bands and you are going to put it on the same peg you just put your A band. Stretch the B band over to the peg diagonal to the peg you just put it on. Repeat this process until you get to the end of your loom.

5. Once you get to the end of your loom, you're  going to take a crochet hook and basically loop it onto another peg. I think it's easiest to understand by studying the picture below…………………. for like five minutes. 

 Basically you're going to take your crochet hook and hook it onto the B colored band circled in black and stretch it to the peg shown by the arrow, then keep doing this until you get to the end. When you get to the end take a "c" clip or and "S" clip or whatever came in your kit and attach it to the last rubber band. Then slowly pull the soon to be bracelet off the loom and attach the other end to the clip. That's it!! Easy right?

Well I think I'll actually split this into two tutorials, so check back next week to learn the fishtail (Here's a sneak peak)

In the meantime feel free to become a single loop bracelet master. 

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