Printable Birthday Card

Hi again.... today I'm going to share another free printable. I know. Another one. Yah, I got a bunch of new fonts on my computer, so I'm kind-of excited to use them..... ALL, so be prepared for a lot more printables. HAHA.

So this is printable birthday card. I made it for my friend, to go on her gift (sorry no pic, but if your wondering what I made for her, I made a cupcake in a jar and attached the card like a tag). It's really cute and works for any present. I originally made it to be 1 1/2x 2" so it could be kind of like a little tag, but I also have a 4x6" version available. Again, this is my work, so please don't sell it, just use it for personal use.


Aren't they cute!! I was aiming for a little bit of a different look, but I think these are even cuter!

If you want a card too, just click on the link below, save the card to your computer and print it out. When you print it out make sure the scale button isn't selected so it prints the card out to its true size. Once you print out the front of the card and put the same paper you printed the front of the card on back in the paper tray and print the back out. then cut out the card with scissors or a paper cutter and fold it along the green line. 

Birthday Card front:

Birthday Card Back:



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