An awesome B- day!!!!!

As some of you know I just had  my 12th birthday . I went to Young Women's, And it was awesome.
Today though I'm going to share my birthday present from my family..................... I got a craft table for my room!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about it. here's some pics.

 The desk.

 cute little spice jars with snacks.

cute magnets on the white board.

Awesome drawer space.

cute little frames, they need something in them.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    How fun for you to be in YW now!
    What a great birthday gift -- The perfect gift for "Crafting E"!

  2. Happy Birthday Emma!
    Did you like Young Womens? My mom has been saying to me how she can't believe that you are already twelve!!! I LOVE you're crafting desk and all of its "accessories!" Happy Birthday!

    P.S. I absolutely LOVED your Birthday Girl badge that you wore to school. :)

  3. Emma, I love it! You have set it up so nicely! I'm so glad you are loving YW!

    -aunt Jenny

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I didnt realize you were that little when you re did your room! Well you were 12, but look how little you look!