friday's and saturdays Duck Tape Week

sorry about not posting yesterday, so to make it up to you guys I'm going to share (my own) tutorial that you can get nowhere else ( pretty good eh' ).
today on duck tape week Duck Tape Water Bottle Holders.  
1. get your supplies 
- scissors- 
- ruler- 
- colors of duck tape-
2. cut eight 10" pieces ( 2 of one color 6 of the other) and over to make a  duck tape fabric 

3. cut the fabric so it doesn't have any of the sticky side of the tape sticking

4. take a piece of duck tape and attach it to the fabric so it's a cylinder.

5. take two pieces of duck tape 4" long, and stick them together so that it creates an X. and stick it to the inside of the bottom of the body of the holder. It kind of makes a square
6. take another 4" piece a stick it so some of the sticky pieces are covered. and then two 2" pieces and cover up the rest of the sticky part.

7. take a long strip about yea big and fold it in half. take small pieces of duck tape and attach it to the body.

8. TA- DA.
- Emma.


  1. I heard you had lot of orders for these. I can see why...they are fantastic!

    Love, Aunt Jenny

  2. Wow Emma! You've been busy! I thought you hadn't posted for a while, but I can see I was wrong. I'd better check more often!

    Miss you all!

    Aunt Suzanne